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Street Chic Designer goes global within 2 years! From the city streets of Soho, NYC a trendy hotspot for fashionistas and artists, Monique Leshman started selling her wearable arts back in the 90?s. It was within months of her business on the streets that she attracted huge following of stylists, designers and fashionistas of all types. Monique became the ?GO TO GIRL FOR IT ACCESSORIES OF ALL TYPES?! It was around 2 years later that she created her collection of accessories which was sold in various ?mom and pop? boutiques throughout the USA. Later, Monique created a major movement in the handbag world by creating her Signature Pocket Bag which landed her on the 5th Floor of Bergdorf Goodman. She has also been featured in the catalog as the ?IT Bag of the season?.

While abroad in India seeking manufacturers for her then Handbag Collection known as Mio Accessori by Monique Leshman, she was overwhelmed with all the artisan techniques which led her to create her Signature Tunic and Signature Caftan that she brought to fashion market in 2009 which continue to make waves until today! This trend that Monique Leshman created became a huge trendsetting moment for all bohemians and girls that love to be feminine, whimsical and truly have a flair for fashion.

The Brand Monique Leshman was born 2009 Within 1 Year. The Monique Leshman Brand Was Recognized In The PRESS, MOVIES, VIDEOS, COVERS OF MAGAZINES And MORE!

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